Good Faith Grown ™

What is Good Faith Grown™?

Good Faith Grown™ is our pledge as a producer to you, the consumer, that our GFG-labeled products are as pure and natural as we can make them.  If additives or treatments are used, we tell you what they are, when we use them, and why.  Good Faith Grown™ gives you the honest information you need to decide what's best for you and your family.  Honesty. Integrity.  Good Faith Grown.™


Why Choose Good Faith Grown?

Honest information about what you buy.

Get the real story about what goes into your food from the folks who actually produce it.

Lower costs on natural, healthy products.

GFG saves producers money, and that savings gets passed on to you!

Supports local farmers and producers.

Most of our vendors are small, community farmers and producers.

Featured Vendors

Vintage Falls Farm & Forage


Bringing an old farm back with regenerative agriculture & good food.



Pure, Functional & Sustainable Beverages.

Corva Bella Farm


A mother and son sustainable, small permaculture farm.

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