How is Good Faith Grown™ different from "organic" or other certifications?



We are an association of conscientious growers and producers who simply choose to be open and honest with our customers about what goes into your food and other products. 

Old-Fashioned Honesty.


The vendors on this list do their very best to keep their GFG-labeled products as natural as possible.  Where additives are needed, our vendors have committed to letting you know what they've added, when and why. 

Informed Choices.


It is our belief that you, as a mindful consumer, make the best choices for you and your family when you are given straightforward, honest information.

What Good Faith Grown™ is NOT...

We are not a certifying, regulating, or enforcing agency.  Although GFG reserves the right to inspect participating vendors, we leave it up to the producers to maintain best practices since they already have to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local requirements.  Our producers understand the value of your trust and would not risk losing your business over a label.  However, if you do find that a vendor has not been forthright in their use of the Good Faith Grown™ label, let us know about it - if the claim is substantiated, they will be removed from the list.